Happy Horror Time

Happy Horror Time

Happy Horror Time is hosted by Tim Murdock & Matt Emert – two off-the-wall gay guys who LOVE scary movies. We discuss recently released horror films (spoiling everything along the way) and interview horror stars & insiders. We're unpolished, unscripted, and a ton of fun!

Recent Episodes

Ep 125: These Friends Aren't Soft & Quiet

Nov. 21, 2022

Boy did we have a lot to say about the two films we discuss this week, as the plots ranged from controversial to convoluted. “Soft & Quiet” hit us like a loud bang, exposing those ugly personality traits we so often ignore t…

Ep 124: Interview w/Sean Lynch & Dennice Cisneros, Writer/Director & Star of “Red Snow”

Nov. 14, 2022

To kick off the holiday (horror) season, we were fortunate enough to chat with the Writer/Director and star of the 2021 seasonal vampire flick that we raved about back in Ep 80. Tune in to hear all about the making of “Red S…

Ep 123: Terror, Tapes, and Tubi

Nov. 7, 2022

A sequel to a found footage anthology series and a remake of an 80s slasher — that’s what we have in store for you this week. “V/H/S/99” had highs and lows among its 5 gritty shorts, from a twisted Double Dare-type game to a…

Ep 122: Evil Dies... Tonight???

Oct. 31, 2022

It’s another Halloween, another podcast anniversary (2 years today), and another “Halloween” film is out! We spend the entire hour discussing “Halloween Ends” — breaking down everything from Laurie, to Corey, to the story th…

Ep 121: Interview w/Micah Sloat from the “Paranormal Activity” series

Oct. 24, 2022

The original “Paranormal Activity” not only introduced moviegoers to Micah Sloat, but made sure they’d never forget the pronunciation of his name after those blood-curdling “MEE-CAH” screams in its finale. Tune in to hear al…

Ep 120: Interview w/Katie Featherston from the "Paranormal Activity" series

Oct. 17, 2022

You can’t think of “Paranormal Activity” without Katie Featherston coming to mind. As the star of the original movie (and having appeared in 4 of its sequels), she’s become the face of the franchise. Tune in to hear all abou…