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New Obsession

Whoever brought these two rib-tickling horror nerds together should be strung up and showered with bloody praise. Personal intimate interviews give further insight into the insane brutal wacky process of birthing horror classics and their gut-wrenching offspring. The alternating film review offerings provide an enjoyable palette cleanser that fits your ears any time of day- you’ll forget to take your listening device off before showering... After bingeing all episodes as if my life depended on it, I devoured the catalog of ‘Patron Bonus Eps’ to satisfy my daily thirst for haunting tales and trivia. Newly recruited, obsessed and hungry for more!


Omg you guys I’m so obsessed with this podcast. Tim and Matt are such amazing hosts and are so so funny. I love their spoiler filled discussions and their enjoyable interviews. I freaking crack up whenever Matt says “trawma” and love it every time Tim brings up Bea Arthur. Keep up the amazing work!!

Very fun

Just discovered and getting into this podcast. It’s refreshing to listen to people talk about horror that isn’t pretentious and looks at the fun side of the genre. Funny (and cute) hosts that make it an absolute blast.

Great podcaster’s

I enjoy listening to their podcast I love all the 80s cast podcast they’ve done and great 80s horror movies they talk about

They’ll put a smile on your face!

If you like horror and humor, you’ve come to the right place! Tim and Matt are so funny and have great insight into horror! I can’t wait for new episodes!!!

HHT makes me happy!

I love these guys so much! Definitely one of my favorite horror podcasts. I smile so wide while listening to Tim and Matt.


I’m so glad I came across this Podcast. You guys are so hilarious and so much fun. Your guests are incredible! You ask a lot of questions I would. Keep up the great work and I’ll keep listening.

Horror Everytime

Happy Horror Time is an amazing listen for horror movie fans. Going beyond just film reviews or discussions, they feature frequent industry people as guests to add a nice “behind the scenes” view into the films they cover. I’m actually a little jealous from all the awesome people they’ve already had on the show. As far as the films go, they don’t seem to shy away from anything. Any show that has covered “Night of the Comet” and “Night of the Creeps” is already a must listen to in my mind. Give them a subscribe now!

The Watch What Happens Live of Horror Podcasts

Tim and Matt are entertaining from start to finish and always get their guests to answer questions you haven’t heard anywhere else. 10/10!

A must for horror fans!

Tim and Matt are an absolute delight! This podcast has been a great find for this die-hard horror fan. Their interviews are seriously awesome; they clearly know how to make their guests have a good time, always super relaxed and fun. If you love horror, particularly 80s horror, and love hearing about the behind-the-scenes stories from the actors themselves, you need to take a listen!

Who new horror could be so much fun?!

Matt & Tim share love of horror films and share that love with such comedic reviews and interviews . They have such a breezy rapport with each other that makes you feel like you are sitting in with two close friends. I recently discovered them and I am binging through the episodes. I wish I could rate them more than 5 stars.

Love Horror, Love Tim & Matt

Tim and Matt bring such a knowledge and love for the genre to their show. Love listening to them!

So Fun!

Matt and Tim are so funny and work great off each other! They really know the genre.

Knowledgeable & Hilarious

These guys know horror and crack me up, what else do you need?

Terrifier 2!!!

Love David the master of art the clown, keep up the amazing interviews and work you guys ROCK

A good (horror) time!

HHT brings a lot of spooky and fun energy to the horror podcast genre. It's always a pleasure to hear Tim and Matt's thoughts on things from macho men to even moms and monsters!

This is SCARY GOOD!!! Great podcast!

Love horror and Love the podcast.

Happy Horror Fun!

What a great podcast and fun listen! The hosts are so knowledgeable on all things horror movies- and loving the commentary. An absolute happy horror good time!

Much-needed geeky fun!

HHT is the kind of horror-geeky fun I love (because I’m a horror geek myself). Insightful, irreverent, and totally helps alleviate my pandemic fatigue!

Very entertaining!

Love listening to the banter and details of the various horror films discussed. A fun time!

So good!

Love these guys!

Great podcast

They both are so fun to listen too!

Happy Horror-time interview

Loved the episode with Kimberly Beck. You conducted a great interview and it was apparent she’s a real down to earth and sweet woman. I hope she can get to do a reboot in the future. I wish her well and love your excellent show!!!!!!!!

Happy Horror Time

Loved listening to this podcast! Tim and Matt brought a fun perspective to the horror genre

One of the best horror podcasts!

This podcast is a gem! The guys are hilarious and I love that they do a lot of recent horror films. And even though they don’t hold back in their reviews, they clearly love the genre which makes it fun to listen to them no matter what movie they’re discussing. Also I love their new music and audio! Highly recommend to all horror fans!

So much fun!

The guys are so much fun to listen too!

Where did you go?

I was getting into the episodes and you're gone :( It was fun.

Happy Horror Coffee Break Approved

My review hasn’t shown itself, and I think it was blocked because I used a potty word. Nevertheless this is 10/10 horrifyingly empty coffee cups ☕️🐻

Happy Horror TIMe

Best podcast out there? I think so!

A riot!

A very good podcast...great conversational tone and If you're a horror fan, be there! Good stuff